Creating project deployment process

In this part of the guide, we’ll create our deployment process to deploy our package to our deployment targets. In this scenario, we have the following steps:

  • Send slack message to notify team of deployment
  • Create MySQL database
  • Migrate Database Changes
  • Deploy App to Azure App Service
  • Apply custom branding
  • Send Slack message on succesful deployment
  • Send Slack message on failed deployment

The step named Apply Custom Branding only needs to run for tenants that have a tenant tag of Branding associated with them.

To configure this, go into your step, under Conditions, expand the Tenants option and select the Branding tag from the Custom Feature Tag set.

This will ensure this step only runs for tenants that have the Branding tag applied.

The final step in the guide will create and deploy a release of our application.

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023