Creating project template variables

Each customer has their own database for every environment with a unique name. To make this manageable we can create project template variables for the database name.

Project templates define variables that are required to be provided by each tenant. You can specify the variable type, just like regular variables. You can also provide a default value which the tenant can overwrite.

To create a Project Template navigate to the Variables ➜ Project Templates tab in your tenant connected project and click ADD TEMPLATE.

Next, add a Variable Name, Label, any Help text, and Control Type. Lastly, choose an optional Default value.

Next, we need to provide variable values for each tenant. To do this, navigate to the Tenants menu, choose your tenant and click Variables.

Next, fill in the variable value for Database Name for each connected environment

Repeat these steps for each of your tenants.

The next step will define the infrastructure required to deploy our application.

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023