Octopus 2020.4 release webinar (Europe)

Coming soon

Release 2020.4 is almost here! In this webinar, Adam and Ryan walk through some of the new features and updates in the release: 1. Structured Configuration Variables 2. Improvements to our execution containers and dynamic workers 3. Updates to our Kubernetes steps You should attend this webinar if you're deploying applications that use structured configuration files such as JSON, YAML, XML, and Java properties files. Adam and Ryan will talk about how Octopus has first-class support for replacing settings in JSON, YAML, XML, and Java Properties files. They will also show improvements made to Octopus Deploy Kubernetes steps, Execution containers, and dynamic workers. - Structured Configuration Variables - In this new release, We've extended the functionality of JSON configuration variables to now give first-class support to YAML, XML, and Java Property files. - Execution containers and dynamic workers - Octopus Cloud provides dynamic workers to execute scripts against your services and infrastructure. This update adds better cross-platform support with images for Windows 2019 and Ubuntu 20.04. All worker images support Execution Containers thus providing the ability to simplify dependency management and streamline automation tooling. - Kubernetes containers steps - We've added additional parameters that allow you to add Kubernetes startup probe and the ability to define GPU resource limits.

Recording coming soon!