Optimizing Octopus Deploy with Clear Measure



Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

Senior DevOps Engineer

Clear Measure

Octopus Deploy users often start with a proof of concept and go to production quickly. Consequently, we see some users misconfigure Octopus Deploy because they’re unfamiliar with the platform.

Derek and Chris discuss common misconfigurations and how you can fix them using Octopus features.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Common misconfigurations users encounter with Octopus Deploy.
  • How you can benefit from features such as Multi-tenancy, Retention Policies, Spaces, Project Export/Import, Workers, and High Availability.
  • How to implement Octopus best practices.


Meet the speakers

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

Senior DevOps Engineer – Clear Measure

Chris Thomas is a Senior Software and DevOps engineer with Clear Measure. He assists clients in their DevOps journey by collaborating with teams, developing their own process, and offering guidance on how to move to best practices in all aspects of development. With a background in electronics, and software engineering, he has implemented CI/CD processes for every level of the software stack. He has experience writing firmware/software solutions targeting Atmel and custom chipsets, devising deployment solutions for them, crossing air gaps. He has led teams in the development of business software, integrating devops techniques along the way, and helping game devs level up as he guided them in best practices for software design. He joined Clear Measure to share his knowledge and help others in their journey, forging a way forward where there is no clear path.