Octopus is built API first

Extensibility & REST API

The Octopus web-based UI is built on top of our HTTP API, ensuring that anything the UI can do, your code can do too.

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Octopus REST API

We designed Octopus to be API-first. This means that every operation you can perform via the web portal can also be performed over our REST API. To make even easier for dev teams, we designed the REST API to be super easy to figure out for first time users.

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Octopus Deploy has been built API first meaning anything you can do on the web portal you can pull up via command line

Client libraries

Use our Octopus.Client .NET library to make working with the API even easier. Use it to get deployment information, automate the creation of projects or tenants, and do anything the UI can do. Similar libraries for Java and Node.js are coming soon.

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Client libraries for .NEt are available to make your life easier

Octo.exe command line

Built over the API, Octo.exe is a powerful tool which allows you to perform a range of tasks such as deploy releases & create environments, list machines and tenants, create channels, clean environments, export, import and more - all from the command line.

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Use our custom made command line tool to run a range of tasks

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