Automate deployment of Java-based apps

Automated Java application deployments

Octopus is the easiest way to deploy Java apps in a safe, reliable and repeatable way. Easily orchestrate releases and automate the deployment of Java applications to JBoss/Wildfly and Tomcat.

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JAR's, WAR's, EARs and RARs

Build and package your application as standard JAR's,WAR's, EARs or RARs, and push them to the Octopus built-in repository. Octopus will deploy those packages directly to your application servers via SSH or Tentacle.

Package your apps in a standard way as either JARs or WARs and then push to either Octopus or Artifactory

JBoss/Wildfly and Tomcat

Built-in conventions make it easy to take a package, configure it for the environment (update connection strings, etc.) and deploy it to your application server. We support the most common application servers including Tomcat, Redhat JBoss EAP and Wildfly.

Configure your next Java package for specific environments and then push direct to Tomcat or JBoss/Wildfly servers

Configuration files

Every environment is different. The Octopus Java steps enable transformation of XML, YAML and Properties files in arbitrary locations in Java packages.

Configuration files and Octopus

First-class Linux

Octopus already supports Linux, but it requires Mono. We'll soon remove this dependency.

Init and Systemd services Coming soon

If you run your Java application as a Windows Service or daemon in Linux, we'll have you covered.

Certificate management

The certificate management features in Octopus will work with Java keystores.

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