Automate your Node.js deployments

Automated Node.js deployments

Easily deploy Express, Meteor and other Node.js server applications to Azure websites, on-premises servers or Azure & AWS EC2 virtual machines.

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Packaging Node apps

Build and package your application and any dependencies it needs to run, by simply zipping them up or using our tools for Grunt/Gulp. Packaging your dependencies means not relying on NPM restore at production deployment time.

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Package your node js apps

Work with process managers like StrongLoop and PM2

Run bash or PowerShell scripts before and after deployments to start your app with node directly, or to register it with process managers like StrongLoop, PM2, Forever and SystemD.

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Run process managers sucha s PM2 or Strongloop as part of your devops cycle

Configuration Files

If you have different settings for your app in test vs. production, Octopus can easily update JSON configuration files with the appropriate settings for each environment.

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Configure different variables between environments and update your JSON configuration files

Linux and Windows support

Deploy to Windows servers using our Tentacle agent, or Linux servers over SSH.

Reliable deployments

Repeatable and reliable one-click deployments for all your projects.


Need custom deployment logic? Write custom scripts with Bash, PowerShell, and Python.

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