Deploy your releases on-premises

Automated deployments on-premises

Deploy complex web and service applications on-premises with Octopus Deploy, to both Windows and Linux hosts.

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Windows Hosts: Tentacle

For Windows hosts, Octopus uses a light-weight agent called Tentacle - because an Octopus has many Tentacles! Tentacle allows Octopus to transfer files, deploy applications, and run scripts on the remote host, securely.

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Easy to install

Tentacle ships with an easy MSI installer, a wizard to connect it with Octopus, and installation can be fully automated. You'll have your first Tentacle up and running in seconds.

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Easy installation with a quick MSI installer

Polling or Listening

Different network scenarios call for different communication modes. In Listening mode, the Tentacle connects to your Octopus server on a TCP port. In this mode, your Octopus Server is the TCP client and the Tentacle itself is the TCP server. In Polling mode, these roles are reversed.

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Polling or listenting tentacles offer different communication modes and ways around different network setups

Secure, even across the internet

Connections between Octopus and Tentacle are encrypted using TLS, and authenticated using client and server X.509 certificates. This means you don't have to rely on sharing passwords between each side, they can be on different Active Directory domains, and you're guaranteed that only your Octopus can command your Tentacles. Octopus and Tentacle pass hundreds of PCI-compliance audits at our customer's sites every year.

TLS encryption and authenticated certificates mean only your Octopus server can control the tentacle agent

Linux hosts: Secure Shell (SSH) and SFTP

To deploy to Linux and other Unix-like OS's, Octopus can speak SSH instead. SSH is the standard secure remote login protocol, and is probably already running on your Linux hosts.

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SSH Deployments

Octopus works with any standard SSH server, so long as bash and some basic tools are available. SFTP is used to transfer packages and other files to the target.

Octopus deployments are easier with our Bamboo plugin

No Active Directory requirement

Deploy to local machines, machines in a DMZ, or across the internet.

All Windows Server editions

Tentacle runs on Windows Server 2003 SP2 and up, including 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Most Linux's

CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, RHEL, openSUSE and more.

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