If you can package it, octopus can deploy it

Deploying other applications

While Octopus has built-in steps for .NET and Java, it can actually be used to deploy just about anything. If you can package it, Octopus can deploy it.

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Conventional package deployments

Prepare your apps and files by packaging them up as NuGet, ZIP, TAR, JAR and other common archive formats. From there, you can automatically push your builds straight to the Octopus Built-in package repository, ready for deployment.

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Almost anything can be packaged and sent to our build-in repository

Script it

Once you've packaged your application, you just need to figure out how to script the installation. Octopus takes care of pushing the package to the remote machines, and calling your script on the remote machine, so you just have to add the last mile.

Octopus Deploy handles all the hard stuff like calling scripts and pushing packages to remote machines

250+ Communty Library step templates

In addition to the dozens of built-in steps in Octopus, there are hundreds of community-contributed step templates available in the Octopus library, covering many common deployment needs. You can use them as-is, or modify the scripts to suit your requirements.

Use any number of our community step templates to quickly build your automated deployment process

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