Write your own deployment scripts

Scripting languages

Octopus ships with hundreds of built-in steps for common deployment tasks, but it's always possible to write your own deployment scripts.

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Powershell script


Bash script


Python script


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Ruby script


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C# script


F# script


Custom scripts in your language

Write custom scripts in PowerShell, Bash, F# or C# today, and in Python or Ruby soon. Octopus takes care of transporting the script to the remote machines you are deploying to, and running them locally, so they have full access to everything they need to do to deploy applications.

Write custom scripts in the language of your choice

Access variables

Octopus uses Variables to manage the settings that change between environments - like passwords and connection strings. These are made available to your scripts so you can use them for environment-specific deployment logic.

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Access variables allow you to manage the settings that change between environments

Centralized output

Octopus can run your script in parallel across hundreds or thousands of nodes if needed, and brings all the output back to a single deployment log that's easily accessible.

Run your script across multiple nodes if required