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The Octopus team uses GitHub to host the Octopus Deploy source code in a private repository.

Customers with server licenses with 200 targets or more are entitled to access this repository - just contact us with your license information and the list of GitHub usernames you want to have access. From there, you can fork the Octopus code, and tweak it to your heart's desire. Since the code is in Git, you'll be able to maintain your fork whilst also receiving bug fixes and future features from us.

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Creating happy deployments at more than 25,000 companies, including:

Shout out to @OctopusDeploy for making their software so easy to work with. Just upgraded a 2 year out of date instance and migrated it to a new server and it worked with no effort beyond what their documentation said to do.

Twitter user Alex Dent Alex Dent

We've been overhauling our internal infrastructure and back-end systems over the past month, including a move back to full @OctopusDeploy deployments; rediscovering how nice it is to have a platform-agnostic orchestrator that can deploy practically anything, anywhere ❤

Twitter user Nicholas Blumhardt Nicholas Blumhardt

Tools like @OctopusDeploy can be great in enabling culture change, we've been able to scale and improve our configuration story since we started using it

Twitter user Niel Chalk Niel Chalk

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