Spaces in Octopus enables teams to group projects, environments so they can focus on the things that matter.

Focus on what matters to you with Spaces

Spaces is a new way to organize your Octopus Server, making it easy to group your projects, environments and most other things into a space for each team. It’s like moving teams from a large open plan office to private offices.

Spaces will be useful to you if:

  • You're constantly scrolling through a long list of projects to find the one you’re working on
  • You have trouble finding the environments or tenants you’re deploying to
  • You see dropdowns with hundreds of items, and you struggle to know which option to pick.

Learn how you can scale with Octopus at our recent webinar, where we cover how to get the most from Spaces and Workers.

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Give teams their own space

Give each team their own space, with their own projects, environments, tenants, step templates and more.

The navigation bar lets you easily jump between spaces. Instead of seeing dozens or hundreds of unrelated projects and other Octopus resources, you'll just see the resources for that space.

Switching between spaces in Octopus
Creating a new space and specifying the space managers

Put team leads in control

You don’t want the wrong people to deploy to production, but you also don’t want to be the bottleneck every time a new team member is added or a new project is created.

Octopus administrators can delegate responsibility to “Space Managers”, who are given full access to manage a space. They can define who’s allowed to deploy to production environments and do other things within their space, without affecting teams in other spaces.