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Compare releases

Find out what's new in the latest Octopus Deploy release, or compare the latest release to what you're currently running to see what's changed.


These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 2019.12.0 to 2019.13.0

Octopus 2019.12 LTS


Operations Runbooks, Jenkins plugin, PowerShell Core support, improved build server integration and more!

  • Operations Runbook platform for automating routine maintenance and emergency operations tasks. Runbook examples include infrastructure provisioning, database management, and website failover and restoration.
  • Official Octopus Deploy Jenkins plugin enabling teams to integrate their Jenkins builds with Octopus Deployments
  • Built-in PowerShell Core support for both Windows and Linux platforms
  • Improved build information and work item tracking
    • Package metadata has been renamed to Build Information and promoted to a top level section in the Octopus Library.
    • Added support for deployment change templates so you can customize the structure of your deployment changes.

Read our blog post to learn more.

Breaking changes

This release includes the following breaking changes.

Octopus API and Octopus.Client

The Octopus API has changed as a part of this release, versions of Octopus.Client before 8.0.0 can not create scheduled triggers on an Octopus Server where the version is older than 2019.11.0.

PowerShell Core

PowerShell Core support has introduced a change where running PowerShell scripts against non-Windows targets no longer silently ignores .ps1 files. Octopus will now attempt to execute .ps1 files on deployment targets. If PowerShell Core is installed on those targets, this may change the behaviour of your deployments. If PowerShell Core is not installed on those targets, the deployment will fail.

Build Information

Our build information change involved renaming resources from the API through to the database. This is generally backwards compatible, however anyone using our GitHub issue tracker will need to ensure they upgrade their Octopus Server if they upgrade their Azure DevOps extension, TeamCity plugin, or Bamboo plugin.

Octopus 2019.13

Octopus 2019.13.0 is an incremental release after we shipped Octopus 2019.12.0 with long term support (LTS). It contains small updates and bug fixes as per the release notes. The next minor release will be 2020.1.0 and it will include features on our public roadmap.


Changes in Octopus 2019.12.0 LTS

This LTS roll up release includes all bug fixes and features up until 2019.11.3

  • 5769 - Disable adding a new project in the UI when there are no Project Groups or Lifecycles
  • 6061 - The target limit specified in the license is enforced now
  • 6073 - Fix React Error in container within Kubernetes step
  • 6083 - External groups are now indicated on users' teams lists
  • 6086 - Fixed layout issue on the User Role tab on the Team Edit page

Changes in Octopus 2019.13.0

  • 5911 - Auto deploy processing has significantly changed to prevent cases where machines are missed
  • 6076 - Fixed issue where sensitive step parameters were cleared when updating step template in a deployment process
  • 6089 - Clear sensitive variable values when re-running a step template run so it doesn't look like the value is set
  • 6090 - External group/role chips for teams now show ids on hover
  • 6091 - Improved swagger documentation to ensure parameters match the path more accurately
  • 6092 - Updated AWS SDK S3 to within Calamari (v8.1.4)
  • 6094 - Fixed layout issue on Usage tab for Library Variable Sets, Lifecycles and Script Modules
  • 6095 - Enabled issue trackers to use the web proxy configured in Octopus
  • 6097 - Issue tracker connectivity tests can now execute even when the extension itself is disabled
  • 6098 - Corrected swagger operationid's to be unique
  • 6100 - Added extra validation for the variables supplied as part of a Script Module
  • 6101 - TFVC ChangeSets are now rendered as links in the Build information
  • 6103 - Improved swagger documentation

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