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Simplify enterprise deployments to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a popular solution for container management, but it gets harder to manage at scale. Use Octopus to simplify your deployments.

Octopus is a Kubernetes-ready deployment tool that makes delivering applications to Kubernetes easier


Use one process to deploy to all clusters, tenants, customers, and environments. Variables and lifecycles ensure releases hit your environments in the right order. Easily model your deployments to match your application and team structure.


Create templates with Kustomize, Helm charts, or plain YAML with Octopus variables. Reuse templates to easily set up new deployments and get a head start when developing new applications.


Octopus's dashboards give a clear view of deployments across all projects and environments. Know what version deployed where and when in seconds. Understand your infrastructure's status, no matter how many clusters you deploy to.

How Octopus helps with Kubernetes

Connect easily to the tools you use and add focus and security to your pipeline

With so many potential targets for Kubernetes-hosted software, managing all the places you deploy can be messy.

Deployment pipeline with source code, Octopus Deploy and Kubernetes deployment targets

Octopus easily connects to the tools you use on both sides of the deployment process for easier automation. Pull updates from your favorite build services or Git repos and deliver them to any hosting solution, even hybrid environments.

Use Octopus to limit access only to the projects, environments, and infrastructure teams need. Filter out the noise and make your software more secure.

Reduce the time it takes to deploy to many Kubernetes instances

Octopus Deploy container deployment process

Enterprises usually run Kubernetes-hosted software in many places, like physical hardware, virtual machines, and cloud services. That causes complex deployment challenges like process inconsistency and duplication. Both are prone to error.

With Octopus, you use one process to deploy your software to all clusters, no matter the app's structure.

Use variables to manage the secrets and configuration differences unique to each destination. Add manual steps and approvals, and trigger automated tests at any stage.

Understand the status of all Kubernetes clusters in an instant

Knowing what deployed where is tough when you deploy to many Kubernetes clusters and deployment targets.

Octopus Dashboard showing the status of Kubernetes deployments across Development, Test, and Production environments

Octopus's dashboards allow for easy understanding at a glance. Drill down for as much detail as needed to improve your processes.

Octopus's Insights feature tracks your software delivery against 4 key DORA metrics, so you can see how well your deployment pipeline performs.

Octopus's deployment visibility gives you the tools to continually improve your pipeline. Octopus helps you deploy faster, more often, and more reliably.

Save time on routine Kubernetes operations

Operational tasks for Kubernetes-hosted applications, like tracking deployment status or updating clusters, get more complicated with scale.

Dashboard showing process in Octopus Deploy to create an AKS Cluster

With Octopus, you can automate routine processes with Runbooks. Automate service recovery for your Kubernetes clusters, manage infrastructure and databases, or monitor deployed resources.

Found a problem and need to return to a previous version? Octopus snapshots deployment processes as releases, so it's easy to revert to older versions.

Hundreds of enterprise teams use Octopus to deploy their software to Kubernetes

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