We make Octopus Deploy.

We're proud to help over 20,000 companies to automate their .NET, Java, Node and other application deployments. We help teams around the world to deliver working software to production faster than they did before.

We've built a company around the idea of doing one thing, and doing it very well: automated deployments. We do it by building high quality software, with great documentation and world-class support from smart, experienced engineers.

Octopus Deploy
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Octopus is a remote-first company. We started in Brisbane, Australia, but now employ 44 people around the world, including in the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, and most states in Australia.

Paul Stovell
Sonia Stovell
Henrik Andersson
Dalmiro Granas
Shane Gill
Michael Richardson
Rob Erez
Michael Noonan
Rob Pearson
Nicola Findlay
Mark Siedle
Jess Ross
Daniel Fischer
Robert Wagner
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Matthew Casperson
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Jason Brown
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