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Container deployments simplified

Automate container deployments and beyond with Octopus Deploy


The challenge with container deployments

Containers are lightweight, portable virtual environments that host full applications and microservices. Containers are popular in software delivery as they're easy to spin up, manage, and tear down.

Containers can be tricky to deploy, however. Deploying one container to a host is pretty easy, but complexity soon rises when you think about:

  • High availability and scaling
  • Multiple configurations
  • Sending the same container to different infrastructure types

Why Octopus is perfect for deploying containers

Octopus simplifies container deployments no matter where you deploy or the services you use.

Container deployments for everyone

Octopus's UI reduces the complexity of container deployments for experts and novices alike. Anyone can build a deployment process with Octopus's step templates, even for Kubernetes.

Octopus lets you work how you feel most comfortable. Advanced users can still deploy using command lines, custom YAML, and scripts.

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Kubernetes and containers at enterprise scale

Octopus Deploy container deployment process

Deployments to container services like Kubernetes (K8s) can get complex quickly. Octopus is a world-class deployment automation solution that reduces that complexity.

  • Built-in tenanted deployments let you deploy to many customers, regions, and clusters without duplicating your process
  • Use Octopus Spaces to manage who can see what and deploy where, and reduce visual noise for those deploying your software
  • Deploy reliably and consistently anywhere, even in hybrid environments - deliver serverless, server-based, and container apps with one tool
  • Share variables, environments, and tenants between projects
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Seamless support for a range of deployment targets

Pipeline with Octopus Deploy

Deploying to a mix of target types? No problem. Not only can you deploy containers anywhere, but you get the flexibility to deploy so much more. Octopus supports hybrid environments, whether you’re deploying to a mix of on-premises, public cloud, or multi-cloud environments. This includes:

  • On-premises servers, data centers, and private clouds
  • Major cloud services like:
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Google Cloud Services (GCS)
  • Kubernetes (K8s)
  • Docker
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Manage your day 2 operations beyond GitOps

Octopus is the only release management tool your operations team can use too. With Octopus Runbooks, you can automate day 2 operational tasks, including:

  • Routine and emergency operations tasks
  • Spinning up new infrastructure
  • Adhoc tasks for container deployments, like database, DNS, and file changes

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Flexibility to use your own tools

Octopus fits into your existing pipeline to create a seamless CI/CD experience.

  • Connect to the most popular CI platforms, repositories, and service management tools
  • Use your existing Kubectl scripts and Helm charts
  • Ensure your deployments follow all pre and post-deployment steps

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Self-hosted container deployments

Octopus's self-hosted instances let you take security into your own hands and scale Octopus as needed.

With a self-hosted instance, you can:

  • Deploy containers from behind your network's firewalls
  • Add extra Octopus instances to your pipeline as your application grows

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Ready to see container deployments in action?

Live demo instance

Check out our live demo instance where you can explore sample projects for AWS ECS, Docker, and Kubernetes deployments.

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