What's new with Octopus 4.0?

Octopus 4.0 has shipped and brings with it a new UI and improved user experience. In this release, you'll find changes have been made to the deployments page, variable editor and there is now a new dashboard for all things infrastructure.

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What's new with Octopus Deploy?'

All New UI and User Experience

We’ve modernized Octopus giving the UI a fresh new look. We really liked what Google's Material guidelines offered but were conscious not to lose our traditional styling and personality. We feel like the end result is the best of both worlds. Another improvement you’ll find in this release are that most pages have been made mobile responsive. And for our customers operating at scale who have long requested this feature, search functionality has been added to all pages that could really use it (including projects and environments).

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A project dashboard showing which releases have been deployed where

New Variable Editor

We completely rewrote our variable editor to improve the user experience. Users can now easily navigate around the variable editor page using tab, shift + tab, and the up and down arrow keys. You can change the name, value or scope of any of your variables without touching your mouse! Filters in 4.0 are more visible than previous versions of Octopus and we’ve also put some work into the performance side of things for users with large variable sets.

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Repeatable and reliable deployments with Octopus Deploy

New Infrastructure Dashboard

In this release, we’ve introduced an infrastructure dashboard, replacing the old environments page. You still have an environments page, it’s just nested under and accessible from the new infrastructure page. We feel the infrastructure page does a nice job consolidating your accounts, environments, machine targets, roles and health status. For multi-tenanted deployments, you’ll also find any tenants and tenant tag sets here as well.

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Complex automated deployments and release management made each for the modern developer

New Deployments Page

The deployments page has received some changes to design, functionality and user experience. We’ve improved the deployment configuration controls and added a new deployment preview for deployments about to be created. In this release, you’ll also find we have added a simple Deploy All button and a Retry Unsuccessful button for any failed deployments that need to be pushed a second time.

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Dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of your deployments