Octopus Cloud Task Cap

Every Octopus Deploy instance has set number of concurrent tasks it can process. That number of concurrent tasks is known as the Octopus Task Cap.

A task can be:

  • Deployments
  • Runbook run
  • Retention Policies
  • Health Checks
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Process triggers
  • Process subscriptions
  • Script console run
  • Sync built-in package repository
  • Sync community library step-templates
  • Tentacle upgrade
  • Upgrade calamari
  • Active Directory sync

The most common tasks are deployments and runbook runs.

The default task cap for Octopus Cloud instances is based on the license tier:

  • Starter: 5
  • Professional: 5
  • Enterprise: 20

Self-hosted customers have more control over their task cap. As such, every self-hosted instance starts out with a task cap of 5. A higher task cap requires more hosting resources. Self-hosted customers can change their instance’s task cap via the Octopus Deploy UI. That is because self-hosted customers take on the responsibility of allocating resources, and paying any additional Azure, AWS, or GCP fees.

Increasing the Task Cap for Octopus Cloud

Octopus Cloud customers must reach out to sales@octopus.com to increase the task cap.

Octopus Cloud provides the following Task Cap options:

  • Starter: 5
  • Professional: 5, 10, 20
  • Enterprise: 20, 40, 80, 160

Increasing the task cap will incur a corresponding increase in platform fees. Deployments and runbook runs are computationally expensive. More concurrent deployments and runbook runs requires more resources from the Cloud Platform.

We assign resources to the instance based on the task cap. Changing the task cap changes those resources. That requires a small outage as the instance and database are reprovisioned. We will wait until your next maintenance window to perform that reprovisioning. You might not see a change in the task cap until the next day.

Please note: If you need a task cap higher than 160 please reach out to sales@octopus.com to discuss your use case. These options are meant to cover the majority of use cases.

Important: 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, and 160 are the only options we offer. If you want an instance with a task cap above 160, again, reach out to sales@octopus.com. There are no options between those tiers. For example, no Octopus Cloud instance can have a task cap of 15, 34, 45, or 68.

How to choose a task cap

We recommend the number of deployments required for a production deployment. Deployments and runbook runs are the most common tasks. Deployments typically take longer than runbook runs. Production deployments are time constrained. They are done off-hours during an outage window.

Important: These tables represent the MAX number of deployments. Additional tasks such as runbook runs, retention policies, or health checks can reduce the number. Use these tables as guidelines.

Task Cap 5

Deployment Window10 Minute Deployments15 Minute Deployments30 Minute Deployments
2 Hours60 Deployments40 Deployments20 Deployments
4 Hours120 Deployments80 Deployments40 Deployments
8 Hours240 Deployments160 Deployments80 Deployments
16 Hours480 Deployments320 Deployments160 Deployments
24 Hours720 Deployments480 Deployments320 Deployments

Task Cap 10

Deployment Window10 Minute Deployments15 Minute Deployments30 Minute Deployments
2 Hours120 Deployments80 Deployments40 Deployments
4 Hours240 Deployments160 Deployments80 Deployments
8 Hours480 Deployments320 Deployments160 Deployments
16 Hours960 Deployments640 Deployments320 Deployments
24 Hours1,440 Deployments960 Deployments640 Deployments

Task Cap 20

Deployment Window10 Minute Deployments15 Minute Deployments30 Minute Deployments
2 Hours240 Deployments160 Deployments80 Deployments
4 Hours480 Deployments320 Deployments160 Deployments
8 Hours960 Deployments640 Deployments320 Deployments
16 Hours1,920 Deployments1,280 Deployments640 Deployments
24 Hours2,880 Deployments1,920 Deployments960 Deployments

Task Cap 40

Deployment Window10 Minute Deployments15 Minute Deployments30 Minute Deployments
2 Hours480 Deployments320 Deployments160 Deployments
4 Hours960 Deployments640 Deployments320 Deployments
8 Hours1,920 Deployments1,280 Deployments640 Deployments
16 Hours3,840 Deployments2,560 Deployments1,280 Deployments
24 Hours5,760 Deployments3,840 Deployments1,920 Deployments

Task Cap 80

Deployment Window10 Minute Deployments15 Minute Deployments30 Minute Deployments
2 Hours960 Deployments640 Deployments320 Deployments
4 Hours1,920 Deployments1,280 Deployments640 Deployments
8 Hours3,840 Deployments2,560 Deployments1,280 Deployments
16 Hours7,680 Deployments5,120 Deployments2,560 Deployments
24 Hours11,520 Deployments7,680 Deployments3,840 Deployments

Task Cap 160

Deployment Window10 Minute Deployments15 Minute Deployments30 Minute Deployments
2 Hours1,920 Deployments1,280 Deployments640 Deployments
4 Hours3,840 Deployments2,560 Deployments1,280 Deployments
8 Hours7,680 Deployments5,120 Deployments2,560 Deployments
16 Hours15,360 Deployments10,240 Deployments5,120 Deployments
24 Hours23,040 Deployments15,360 Deployments7,680 Deployments

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