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Create Azure Service Fabric Target Command

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Azure Service Fabric

Command: New-OctopusAzureServiceFabricTarget

Parameter Value
-name Name for the Octopus deployment target
-azureConnectionEndpoint Connection endpoint for the Service Fabric Cluster
-azureSecurityMode Security mode, use one of the aliases in the table below
-azureCertificateThumbprint Certificate thumbprint of the Azure Certificate
-azureActiveDirectoryUsername Username for accessing the Service Fabric Cluster
-azureActiveDirectoryPassword Password for accessing the Service Fabric Cluster
-certificateStoreLocation (Optional) Override the default certificate store location
-certificateStoreName (Optional) Override the default certificate store name
-octopusCertificateIdOrName Name or Id of the Certificate Resource in Octopus
-octopusRoles Comma separated list of Roles to assign
-updateIfExisting Will update an existing Service Fabric target with the same name, create if it doesn't exist

Security Mode Options

Mode Aliases
Unsecure unsecure
Secure Client Certificate certificate clientcertificate secureclientcertificate
Secure Azure Active Directory aad azureactivedirectory


# Unsecure
New-OctopusAzureServiceFabricTarget -name "My Service Fabric Target 1" `
                                    -azureConnectionEndpoint "connectionEndpoint" `
                                    -azureSecurityMode "unsecure" `
                                    -octopusRoles "ServiceFabricRole" `

# Client Certificate
New-OctopusAzureServiceFabricTarget -name "My Service Fabric Target 2" `
                                    -azureConnectionEndpoint "connectionEndpoint" `
                                    -azureSecurityMode "certificate" `
                                    -azureCertificateThumbprint "1234567890" `
                                    -octopusCertificateIdOrName "My Service Fabric Certificate" `
                                    -octopusRoles "Service Fabric Role"

# Client Certificate overriding certificate store
New-OctopusAzureServiceFabricTarget -name "My Service Fabric Target 3" `
                                    -azureConnectionEndpoint "https://localhost" `
                                    -azureSecurityMode "certificate" `
                                    -azureCertificateThumbprint "1234" `
                                    -certificateStoreLocation "Custom Store Location" `
                                    -certificateStoreName "My Store Name" `
                                    -octopusCertificateIdOrName "cert" `
                                    -octopusRoles "sfrole"

# Azure Active Directory
New-OctopusAzureServiceFabricTarget -name "My Service Fabric Target 4" `
                                   -azureConnectionEndpoint "connectionEndpoint" `
                                   -azureSecurityMode  "azureactivedirectory" `
                                   -azureCertificateThumbprint "1234567890" `
                                   -octopusCertificateIdOrName "cert" `
                                   -octopusRoles "Service Fabric Role"

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