octopus project convert

Convert a project to use Config As Code in Octopus Deploy

  octopus project convert [flags]

      --git-base-path string                   The directory where Octopus should store the project files in the repository. Default is '.octopus/'
      --git-branch string                      The default branch to use for Config As Code. Default is 'main'.
      --git-credential-store string            The location to store the supplied Git credentials. Options are library or project. Default is library
      --git-credentials string                 The Id or name of the Git credentials stored in Octopus
      --git-initial-commit string              The initial commit message for configuring Config As Code.
      --git-initial-commit-branch string       The branch to initially commit Config As Code settings. Only required if 'git-branch' is listed as a 'git-protected-branch-pattern'. Default value is 'octopus-vcs-conversion'.
      --git-password string                    The password to authenticate with Git
      --git-protected-branch-pattern strings   Git branches which are protected from having Config As Code settings committed directly
      --git-url string                         Url of the Git repository for storing project configuration
      --git-username string                    The username to authenticate with Git
  -p, --project string                         Name, ID or Slug of the project to convert

Global Flags:
  -h, --help                   Show help for a command
      --no-prompt              Disable prompting in interactive mode
  -f, --output-format string   Specify the output format for a command ("json", "table", or "basic") (default "table")
  -s, --space string           Specify the space for operations


Octopus Samples instance

Many of the examples we use, reference the samples instance of Octopus Deploy. If you’d like to explore the samples instance, you can log in as a guest.

$ octopus project convert
$ octopus project convert --project "Deploy web site" --git-url https://github.com/orgname/reponame"

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Page updated on Thursday, February 1, 2024