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Azure DevOps & Team Foundation Server

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Octopus Deploy integrates with Azure DevOps and Team Foundation Server to provide for a full automated build and deployment pipeline. This section provides information about how to integrate Octopus Deploy and the various versions of Microsoft's build server.

Supported Azure DevOps/TFS versions

Depending on the version of Azure DevOps/TFS you are using, the recommended approach for a successful integration with Octopus may vary. Use the below chart to pick the right approach for your build server version.

Version Recommended approach Notes
Azure DevOps Octopus Extension for TFS and Azure DevOps This is the hosted version of TFS. Our integration will always aim to be compatible with this offer, along with the latest TFS on-premise solution.
TFS 2015 Update 2 and newer Octopus Extension for TFS and Azure DevOps While TFS 2015 is supported (from update 2 upwards), it is highly recommended to upgrade to TFS 2017 Update 2 to get the latest versions of the extension with all the new features and bug fixes.
TFS 2013 and older Octopack & the Octopus CLI These versions of TFS had XAML-based builds, reason why the approaches required a bit more manual work than with more recent TFS versions.

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