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Octopus Deploy provides first-class support for deploying Terraform templates.

The Apply a Terraform template step can be used to create or update a resources from a Terraform template, while the Destroy Terraform resources step can be used to destroy existing Terraform resources.

Where do Terraform Steps execute?

All Terraform steps execute on a worker. By default, that will be the built-in worker in the Octopus Server. Learn about workers and the different configuration options.

If the Terraform tool is updated above version 0.11, you are using an Octopus version prior to 2020.5.0, and you are using the Source Code option within a Terraform step, you will receive syntax warnings within Octopus. You can update the Terraform tool to a version higher than 0.11 without issue in an Octopus version prior to 2020.5.0 only if you use the File inside a package option within the terraform step.

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