ProGet Container Registry

ProGet from Inedo is an package repository technology which contains a number of different feed types. This guide provides instructions on how to create a private container registry in ProGet and connect it to Octopus Deploy as an External Feed.

Configuring a ProGet Registry

From the ProGet web portal, click on Feeds ➜ Create New Feed

Create New Feed

Select the Container Images option from the Container-based Applications & Images category

Container Images

Select No Connectors (private container images only) from the wizard

No Connectors

Enter a name for your Feed, eg: ProGet-Docker, then click Create Feed

Feed Name

The next screen allows you to set optional features for your registry, configure these features or click Close. Once the feed has been created, ProGet will display the required Image Prefix to push images in the form of <ProGet Server DNS>/<FeedName>. In this example it’s

Image Prefix

Adding a ProGet container registry as an Octopus External Feed

Create a new Octopus Feed by navigating to Library ➜ External Feeds and select the Docker Container Registry Feed type.

Give the feed a name and in the URL field, enter the HTTP/HTTPS URL of the ProGet server:


ProGet Docker Container Registry Feed

Optionally add Credentials if they are required.

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Page updated on Wednesday, October 9, 2024