Import certificate to Windows certificate store

The Import Certificate step can be used to import a certificate managed by Octopus into a Windows Certificate Store.

Import details

Store location

The certificate can be imported to the Local Machine or Current User locations, or enter a Custom User to install the certificate for.

Store name

The store name can be one of the built-in Windows stores, or you can define a custom store name to use.

Private key

If the certificate has a private-key, it can be marked as exportable, and access can be granted to specific users.
The Administrators group on the target machine will always be granted access to the private-key.

It is recommended to allow Octopus to perform the initial import of a certificate.

This avoids potential issues with accessing certificates imported by different accounts.
If the certificate is already imported on the target machine and issues are encountered, try removing the certificate.

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Page updated on Tuesday, April 23, 2024