Work seamlessly with Octopus Deploy from the command line.

  octopus [command]

Available Commands:
  account Manage accounts
  config Manage CLI configuration
  deployment-target Manage deployment targets
  environment Manage environments
  help Help about any command
  login Login to Octopus
  logout Logout of Octopus
  package Manage packages
  project Manage projects
  project-group Manage project groups
  release Manage releases
  runbook Manage runbooks
  space Manage spaces
  task Manage tasks
  tenant Manage tenants
  user Manage users
  worker Manage workers
  worker-pool Manage worker pools

  -h, --help                   Show help for a command
      --no-prompt              Disable prompting in interactive mode
  -f, --output-format string   Specify the output format for a command ("json", "table", or "basic") (default "table")
  -s, --space string           Specify the space for operations

Use "octopus [command] --help" for more information about a command.

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Page updated on Thursday, February 1, 2024