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Delete an AWS CloudFormation stack

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In addition to automating the creation of AWS resources, CloudFormation provides a simple method for deleting the resources it created as part of a stack. Using a runbook, you can automate tearing down environments when they're no longer needed.

Octopus supports the deletion of an existing AWS CloudFormation stack through the Delete an AWS CloudFormation stack step. This step deletes a CloudFormation stack using AWS credentials managed by Octopus.

The proceeding instructions can be followed to configure the Delete an AWS CloudFormation stack step.

Create the runbook

  1. To create a runbook, navigate to Project ➜ Operations ➜ Runbooks ➜ Add Runbook.
  2. Give the runbook a name and click SAVE.
  4. Choose the Delete an AWS CloudFormation stack step:

Delete Stack

  1. Fill in the parameters for the step:
Parameter Description Example
Region The region your resources are located us-west-1
CloudFormation stack name Name of existing stack MySuperStack

AWS section

Select the variable that references the Amazon Web Services Account under the AWS Account section or choose to execute using a service role assigned to the EC2 instance. If you don't have an AWS Account Variable yet, check our documentation on how to create one.

AWS Account

The supplied account can optionally be used to assume a different AWS service role. This can be used to run the AWS commands with a role that limits the services that can be affected.

AWS Role

If you select Yes to Execute using the AWS service role for an EC2 instance, you do not need an AWS account or account variable. Instead the AWS service role for the EC2 instance executing the deployment will be used. See the AWS documentation for more information on service roles.

CloudFormation section

Under the CloudFormation section, the AWS region and stack name need to be defined.

If the stack does not exist, this step will succeed and not attempt to delete it again.

You can also optionally wait for the stack to be deleted completely before finishing the step by selecting the Wait for completion check-box.

Unselecting the Wait for completion check-box will allow the step to complete once that CloudFormation deletion has been initiated. However unselecting the option means that the step will not fail if the CloudFormation stack deletion fails.

AWS Region

In a single step, you can delete all the resources created within a CloudFormation stack.


We have a Target - PostgreSQL Space on our Samples instance of Octopus. You can sign in as Guest to take a look at this example and more runbooks in the Space Infrastructure project.

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