Deploying to a team tenant

Scoping the Teams to their respective tenants give Teams Avengers and Radical the autonomy of deploying Octo Pet Shop without interfering with each other.

Scoped team dashboard

With Team Avengers scoped to their respective tenant, the dashboard for the developer will only show their tenant and environment they have access to. Since the tenant of OctoPetShop-Team-Avengers is scoped specifically to Development, Development is all the team sees

Scoped team creating a release

Developers for Team Avengers have the ability to create a release, but only deploy to their own tenant. When deploying to Development, the OctoPetShop-Team-Avengers tenant is automatically selected.

Depending on how you scope your team for Environment, because the OctoPetShop-Team-Avengers tenant is only scoped for Development, attempting to deploy to test will result in a missing resource and the DEPLOY button disabled.


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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023