Running a Runbook

Unlike a deployment with a pre-defined lifecycle, Runbooks can run on any environment in any order. Runbooks are designed to automate routine maintenance tasks. Maintenance tasks might need to run on Test and Production but not on Development environments.

  1. From the Hello Runbook runbook you created on the previous page, click RUN….

This screen provides the details of the Runbook you are about to run.

run runbook basic options

  1. Select an environment.
  2. Click RUN.

run runbook results

Because we didn’t define any deployment targets for the target environment, Octopus ran the script directly on the Octopus Server. If you are on Octopus Cloud, Octopus Deploy leased a dynamic worker (a machine that executes tasks on behalf of the Octopus Server) that was then used to execute the hello world script.

The next step will cover how to configure and use variables in runbooks.

Further Reading

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023