Reference architectures

Deployments are more than the sum of their parts, with well architected deployment processes empowering DevOps teams to release and maintain high quality software at a high velocity. The reference architecture steps provided by the community step template library allow DevOps teams to quickly populate an existing Octopus space with examples of well architected deployment projects, complete with all the supporting resources like environments, feeds, accounts, lifecycles etc.

Common prerequisites

The reference architecture steps are typically run from a runbook. The runbook requires a small number of external resources to be defined:

  1. A Docker Container Registry feed called Container Images with the URL This feed is used to access the execution container for workers exposing a recent version of Terraform.
  2. An environment to execute runbooks in. This documentation assumes the environment is called Admin.
  3. A project to hold the runbooks. This documentation assumes the project is called Reference Architecture.

Reference architecture steps

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Page updated on Monday, November 13, 2023