SQL Server deployments

There are a number of tools Octopus Deploy integrates with to deploy to SQL Server, and it can be a bit overwhelming to get started. This section will help get started on automating deployments to SQL Server.

We have written a number of “iteration zero” blog posts that examine the benefits and approaches to automating database deployments:

Common deployment process patterns

There is a learning curve with adopting automated database deployments, and that can lead to quite a bit of trepidation, after all, databases are the lifeblood of most applications. There are some common deployment patterns you can adopt to build trust and level-up tooling knowledge quickly.

Learn more about common patterns.


The database account used in the database deployment process needs enough permissions to make appropriate changes, but it should not have so much control it could damage an entire server.

Learn more about user permissions for SQL Server.


We have written a number of guides and blog posts on the various tooling Octopus Deploy interacts with.

See working examples on our samples instance.

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