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Artifactory offers both self hosted and cloud instances, both of which are capable of hosting Docker registries. The process for adding a Docker registry for either type is the same.

Adding Artifactory as an Octopus External Feed

To use an Artifactory Docker registry in Octopus Deploy, create an external feed with the following settings:

  • Feed Type: Docker Container Registry

  • Name: Artifactory-Docker (or anything else that makes sense to you)

  • URL: Artifactory registry URLs are constructed in 3 parts:

    • The base instance URL: e.g. https://mycompany.jfrog.io/artifactory
    • The Docker API path: /api/docker
    • The repository name: e.g. my-local-repo

    The example values above would result in the value: https://mycompany.jfrog.io/artifactory/api/docker/my-local-repo for use in the URL field.

  • Registry Path: Artifactory registry paths are constructed in 2 parts:

    • The artifactory instance URL e.g. mycompany.jfrog.io
    • The repository name e.g. my-local-repo

    The example values above would result in the value: mycompany.jfrog.io/my-local-repo for use in the Registry Path field.

  • Credentials: By default, Artifactory requires a valid username and password/access token combination to access the registry. However, anonymous authentication for reading from a registry can be enabled with additional configuration in your Artifactory instance.

Artifactory Registry Feed

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