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Upgrading Octopus

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This guide is for customers managing their self-hosted installation of Octopus. If you are using Octopus Cloud we take care of everything for you, and you will have early access to all the latest features.

Octopus Deploy Server releases

From Octopus 2020.1, we ship a new release of Octopus Deploy Server roughly every two months. Each release receives six months support, including critical patches. The releases are rolled out to Octopus Cloud instances before being made available to download for self-hosted instances of the Octopus Server.

We highly recommend using the latest release for your self-hosted installation of Octopus. We ship a new release every two months, and each release comes with six months of support.

Considerations for upgrading

When we ship a patch, like 2020.1.7, you should patch your Octopus Server. It will be less risk to upgrade than to leave your Octopus Server unpatched.

When we ship a new release, you can choose to stay on your current version as long as it is still covered by our six months of support, but we recommend keeping up with the current release when possible.

Everything you need can be downloaded from octopus.com/downloads.

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