What is platform engineering?

Platform engineering is:

  • A central repository of architectural decisions made by DevOps teams
  • An Internal Developer Platform (IDP) that allows those decisions to be implemented throughout DevOps teams at scale
  • Feedback processes that allow architectural decisions to be improved over time

While platform engineering is not limited to CI/CD pipelines, CI/CD platforms provide a convenient foundation on which to implement an IDP because:

  • They have already been deployed into enterprises on supported infrastructure
  • DevOps teams already know how to use them
  • They have rich CLIs and APIs to support automation
  • They manage execution environments in which to run automated tasks
  • They already have access to existing DevOps systems

Octopus can function as an IDP through a combination of IaC (with the Terraform provider), Git based workflows (with Config-as-code), and specially designed step templates to deploy and track changes to deployment projects and runbooks.

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023