Configuring the version of the Azure CLI

Using the Azure tools bundled with Octopus Deploy is not recommended. Octopus bundles versions of the Azure Resource Manager Powershell modules (AzureRM) and Azure CLI. These were originally provided as convenience mechanisms for users wanting to run scripts against Azure targets. The versions bundled are now out of date, and we will not be updating them further.

We recommend you configure Octopus Deploy to use your own version of the Azure CLI.

To determine the version of the bundled CLI is installed on your worker, add the command below to an Azure Script Step:

az --version

If you wish to use a different version, you can install the Azure CLI on your worker, and configure Octopus to use the installed version.

To be compatible with Octopus’s automated Azure CLI login behavior, the Azure CLI version you install must be 2.0 or above.

The procedure to configure this differs depending on which version of Octopus Deploy you are using:

Octopus 2020.1 or newer

The Azure Script step has an option called “Azure Tools”. Toggle the setting to Use Azure Tools pre-installed on the worker if it is not already selected.

Octopus 2018.5.5 to 2019.13.7

Create a variable named OctopusUseBundledAzureCLI and set its value to False.

With this value set, Octopus Deploy will not load the bundled Azure CLI.

If you need to disable the Azure CLI altogether due to errors or the added time to login to the CLI, use OctopusDisableAzureCLI and set its value to True.

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023