Prioritize Tasks

Tasks are run sequentially based on the time they are queued to start. If you have many deployments or runbooks running simultaneously, this can result in a large queue of Tasks. Octopus 2023.4 adds support for prioritizing Tasks that require immediate execution, such as production hotfixes.

Prioritizing Tasks can be done either on the Tasks page or when viewing an individual Task. On the Tasks page, select the overflow menu (...) on a queued task and click Move to Top. If you are viewing an individual Task, click the Move to Top button. Once an executing Task has completed, the prioritized Task will immediately start executing before any other Tasks in the queue.

Ensure any other queued deployments to the same environment are cancelled when prioritizing a deployment, otherwise an unexpected version of a release may overwrite the prioritized deployment.

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Page updated on Friday, October 20, 2023