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Amazon ECS cluster

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ECS Cluster targets are used by the ECS steps to define the context in which deployments and scripts are run.

Refer to the AWS documentation for detailed instructions on how to provision a new ECS cluster.

Creating an ECS cluster target

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure ➜ Deployment Targets, and click ADD DEPLOYMENT TARGET.

  2. Select AWS and click ADD on the Amazon ECS Cluster target type.

  3. Enter a display name for the Amazon ECS Cluster.

  4. Select at least one environment for the target.

  5. Select at least one target role for the target.

  6. In the ECS Cluster section:

    • Select an AWS account. If you don't have an AWS Account defined yet, check our documentation on how to set one up.
    • Enter the AWS region where the ECS cluster is running in AWS.
    • Enter a cluster name that matches the cluster name running in your AWS region.

    ECS Cluster Deployment Target Settings

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