Create a runbook

A single Octopus Deploy Project can have multiple Runbooks. Each Runbook has a unique runbook process, retention policy, and allowable environments to run in. For example, a project might have a runbook to spin up additional infrastructure, or restart the server, or perform a daily backup.

example runbook

  1. From the Hello world project you created on the previous page, click OPERATIONS on the left menu to expand it (if it is not already expanded).
  2. Click GO TO RUNBOOKS.
  3. Click ADD RUNBOOK.
  4. Give the Runbook a name, for example, Hello Runbook and click SAVE.

The next step will define a simple runbook process to run on either the Octopus Server or a worker (if you are using Octopus Cloud).

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023