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Create Azure Web App target command

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Azure Web App

Command: New-OctopusAzureWebAppTarget

Parameter Value
-name name for the Octopus deployment target
-azureWebApp Name of the Azure Web App
-azureWebAppSlot Name of the Azure Web App Slot
-azureResourceGroupName Name of the Azure Resource Group
-octopusAccountIdOrName Name or Id of the Account Resource in Octopus
-octopusRoles Comma separated list of Roles to assign
-updateIfExisting Will update an existing Web App target with the same name, create if it doesn't exist


New-OctopusAzureWebAppTarget -name "My Azure Web Application" `
                             -azureWebApp "WebApp1" `
                             -azureResourceGroupName "WebApp1-ResourceGroup"  `
                             -octopusAccountIdOrName "Dev Azure Account" `
                             -octopusRoles "AzureWebApp" `

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