Multi-tenant SaaS applications

This guide will introduce you to Software as a Service (SaaS) multi-tenant deployments in Octopus. In this guide, we will be deploying an application called Vet Clinic. When a customer signs up to Vet Clinic, they get their own Azure Web App and database for staging and production, choosing which region the application and data are hosted in. Testing is completed internally in development and test, then customers have their instance of the application deployed optionally to staging and finally onto production.

In addition, customers can choose to take advantage of custom features, including custom branding on their instance of the Vet Clinic application.

The following resources have been preconfigured in Octopus

  • Four environments: Development, Test, Staging and Production.
  • The guides deploys to Azure Web Apps and these have already been pre configured in Azure. To create some Azure resources you can follow this runbook guide to set up Azure Web App Services for each of the environments.

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Guide contents

The following sections make up the guide:

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023