Automatic Step Template Updates

From Octopus 2022.1, built-in step templates that use the new “step package” format can be updated automatically to the latest versions without updating Octopus Server. Octopus will check for updates to the built-in step templates every hour and automatically download them from the publicly available feed located at

Optionally, the automatic version updates of built-in steps can be turned off by navigating to Configuration ➜ Features and turning off the Step Template Updates feature.


  • Existing deployment processes and runbooks will be automatically updated to use the latest minor version of the built-in step templates, without any user-intervention. This enables rapid deployment of security and patch fixes in a backward compatible manner.

  • Major version upgrades of steps within existing deployment processes and runbooks will require manual intervention, as the steps will not be backward compatible and likely require additional input.

  • Only steps that are compatible with the current Octopus Server version will be automatically downloaded and updated.

  • Only the steps built with the new “step package” format are updated using the described mechanism. Existing steps will still require Server to be updated to receive new versions.

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023