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JSON formatted output

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Introduced in version 4.30.0, most commands support printing the result in JSON format.

Dump Deployment, Export and Import do not support JSON output.

To access JSON formatted output, use the --outputformat=json parameter.

octo list-projects --server http://your-octopus-server/ --apiKey API-ABCDEF123456 --outputformat=json

This command will output the list of projects in parsable JSON format:

    "Id": "Projects-81",
    "Name": "Phoenix"
    "Id": "Projects-61",
    "Name": "OctoFX"

You can also work with the JSON output in PowerShell:

$json = (./octo list-releases --server http://your-octopus-server/ --apikey API-ABCDEF123456 --project=OctoLifecycle --outputformat=json) | ConvertFrom-Json
$json | select -expand Releases | where {[datetime]$_.Assembled -gt ((Get-Date).AddMonths(-1))}

This script will write out a list of releases for the last month:

Version Assembled                     PackageVersions ReleaseNotes
------- ---------                     --------------- ------------
0.0.16  2018-01-04T14:27:25.221+10:00 Deploy1 0.0.1
0.0.15  2018-01-04T14:14:29.369+10:00 Deploy1 0.0.1
0.0.14  2018-01-04T14:06:55.799+10:00 Deploy1 0.0.1
0.0.13  2018-01-04T14:06:44.784+10:00 Deploy1 0.0.1
0.0.12  2018-01-04T13:44:29.273+10:00 Deploy1 0.0.1
0.0.11  2017-12-18T09:36:44.995+10:00 Deploy 0.0.1    
0.0.10  2017-12-18T09:26:22.671+10:00 Deploy 0.0.1    
0.0.9   2017-12-18T09:25:02.342+10:00 Deploy 0.0.1    

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