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From time to time, Octopus will deprecate features that are no longer going to be supported, and will eventually be removed.

Deprecations have the following lifecycle:

  • Announce deprecation
  • (+6 months) Toggle off deprecated functionality
  • (+1 year) Remove deprecated functionality

Deprecations are subject to change in detail or timeframe. If you need help assessing the impact of deprecation of a feature on your particular Octopus Server configuration, please contact our support team.

Deprecations for 2023.1

  • The Space level /useronboarding API endpoint is being removed in future versions of Octopus. It was used internally to improve the user onboarding experience. We have since reworked the new user experience and removed the old endpoint. There is no replacement for this endpoint. We do not expect that anyone outside our internal teams has used this endpoint. If you believe this could negatively affect you, please get in touch with our support team.
  • We are updating the supported configurations of Microsoft DFS as shared storage for Octopus Server instances using a High Availability setup. We will continue to support DFS for disaster recovery scenarios, but only in the recommended configuration. You can find more details in our documentation.

Deprecations for 2022.4

  • Server extensibility is deprecated and no longer maintained. It will no longer work at the end of 2023. Some of you may have implemented an extension for Octopus Server, however, we would be interested in understanding your requirements better to work towards resolving missing capabilities. Contact us via support team to let us know if this will affect your instance.

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