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Create an API Key

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This script demonstrates how to programmatically create a new API Key.

Note: You can only create a new API Key for your own user account. You will also need an existing API Key to authenticate with the Octopus REST API, created from the Octopus Web Portal.


Provide values for:

  • Octopus URL
  • Octopus API Key
  • Name of the user to create the API Key for
  • Description of the API Key's purpose


$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop";

# Define working variables
$octopusURL = "https://youroctourl"
$header = @{ "X-Octopus-ApiKey" = $octopusAPIKey }

# UserName of the user for which the API key will be created. You can check this value from the web portal under Configuration/Users
$UserName = "" 

#Purpose of the API Key. This field is mandatory.
$APIKeyPurpose = ""

# Create payload
$body = @{
    Purpose = $APIKeyPurpose
} | ConvertTo-Json

# Getting all users to filter target user by name
$allUsers = (Invoke-WebRequest "$OctopusURL/api/users/all" -Headers $header -Method Get).content | ConvertFrom-Json

# Getting user that owns API Key.
$User = $allUsers | Where-Object { $_.username -eq $UserName }

# Creating API Key
$CreateAPIKeyResponse = (Invoke-WebRequest "$OctopusURL/api/users/$($User.id)/apikeys" -Method Post -Headers $header -Body $body -Verbose).content | ConvertFrom-Json

# Printing new API Key
Write-Output "API Key created: $($CreateAPIKeyResponse.apikey)"
# Load octopus.client assembly
Add-Type -Path "C:\octo\Octopus.Client.dll"

# Define working variables
$octopusURL = "https://youroctourl"

# Purpose of the API Key. This field is mandatory.
$APIKeyPurpose = ""

$endpoint = New-Object Octopus.Client.OctopusServerEndpoint $octopusURL, $octopusAPIKey
$repository = New-Object Octopus.Client.OctopusRepository $endpoint

    # Get Current user
    $User = $repository.Users.GetCurrent()

    # Create API Key for user
    $ApiKeyResponse = $repository.Users.CreateApiKey($User, $APIKeyPurpose)

    # Return the API Key
    Write-Output "API Key created: $($ApiKeyResponse.ApiKey)"
    Write-Host $_.Exception.Message
// If using .net Core, be sure to add the NuGet package of System.Security.Permissions

// Reference Octopus.Client
//#r "path\to\Octopus.Client.dll"

using Octopus.Client;
using Octopus.Client.Model;

// Declare working varibles
var octopusURL = "https://youroctourl";
var octopusAPIKey = "API-YOURAPIKEY";
string apiKeyPurpose = "Key used with C# application";

// Create repository object
var endpoint = new OctopusServerEndpoint(octopusURL, octopusAPIKey);
var repository = new OctopusRepository(endpoint);

    // Get Current user
    var user = repository.Users.GetCurrent();

    // Create API Key for user
    var apiKeyResponse = repository.Users.CreateApiKey(user, apiKeyPurpose);

    // Return the API Key
    Console.WriteLine("API Key created: {0}", apiKeyResponse.ApiKey);
catch (Exception ex)

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