Migrator import

This command imports data from an Octopus 3.0+ export directory.

The export must have been made from an Octopus Server running the same release version as the intended import server.


Usage: octopus.migrator import [<options>]

Where [<options>] is any of:

      --instance=VALUE       Name of the instance to use
      --config=VALUE         Configuration file to use
      --directory=VALUE      Directory for imported files
      --password=VALUE       Password for any sensitive values
      --dry-run              Do not commit changes, just print what would
                               have happened
      --overwrite            If a document with the same name already exists,
                               it will be skipped by default. Use --overwrite
                               to force it to be replaced.
      --force                Imports even if there are validation errors
                               (CAUTION: this may put the database in a bad
      --include-tasklogs     Include the task log folder as part of the
                               import process
      --ignore-version-check Imports even if the version of the export isn't
                               compatible with the instance (CAUTION: this may
                               put the database in a bad state).

Or one of the common options:

      --help                 Show detailed help for this command

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023