Deployment Targets

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Deployment targets are the servers and services you deploy your software to. You can manage your deployment targets by navigating to Infrastructure ➜ Deployment Targets in the Octopus Web Portal.

From the Deployment Targets tab you can add new deployment targets, disable or delete deployment targets, check on the status of your targets, and run health checks.

If you are using Spaces as part of your Octopus Deploy installation, please remember that any Deployment Targets you configure, will only be available to the space they are configured for.

Adding Deployment Targets

Deployment targets are added in different ways, depending on the type of target you are adding and how the target will communicate with the Octopus Deploy server. For instructions, see:

Target Roles

The deployment targets that you add must have at least one target role assigned to them.

Learn about target roles

Dynamic Infrastructure

You can use scripts to create Azure Service Principal Accounts, Azure Web Apps, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Cloud Services and Kubernetes targets.

Learn about Managing resources with scripts.