AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

AWS provides a Docker Image registry, known as Elastic Container Registry (ECR) . Support for EC2 Container registries is provided as a special feed type itself.

Configuring an AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

From the AWS Services dashboard go to Elastic Container Registry.

AWS Services

Under the Repositories area you need to create a repository to match the what in Octopus-speak would be the PackageId. This should map to your distinct application image. If you attempt to push an image during your build process to this registry without first creating the corresponding repository you will receive an error.

AWS Registries

With the repository configured, ensure that you also have an AWS IAM user available that has at a minimum the permissions ecr:GetAuthorizationToken, ecr:DescribeRepositories, ecr:DescribeImages and ecr:ListImages. This user is the account which Octopus will use to retrieve the docker login token which is then used to perform the appropriate docker commands.

Further links for getting your AWS registry set up are available in their online docs

Adding AWS ECR as an Octopus External Feed

Create a new Octopus Feed (Library ➜ External Feeds) and select the AWS Elastic Container Registry Feed type. With this selected you will need to provide the credentials configured above, as well as the region at which the registry was created. In AWS you are able to maintain separate repositories in each region.

AWS EC2 container service registry feed

Save and test your registry to ensure that the connection is authorized successfully.

Older versions of Octopus Deploy

The first class AWS ECR feed type is provided to handle the ephemeral authorization credentials provided by AWS that only last 12 hours. If you are using an earlier version of Octopus Deploy, you will need to use a standard Docker Feed type.

After configuring your registry in AWS as outlined above you will need to obtain the Docker Feed credentials by manually invoking a command via the AWS cli. Details for setting this up can be found in the AWS installation guides. With the cli installed, run (with the appropriate region)

aws ecr get-login --region ap-southeast-1

and it will return the credentials you will need to authenticate your Docker Engine client with the AWS registry. e.g.

docker login -u AWS -p AQECAHid...j/nByScM -e none

These are also the credentials that are needed by Octopus Deploy to access the exposed API (which are passed to your Docker Engine at deploy time). Take the username, password and url provided in this command and add them to Octopus Deploy in your Docker feed configuration.

AWS EC2 Container Service Registry Feed

Note that this approach means that you will more than likely need to reset these credentials often.

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023