Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a leading provider of cloud computing services and infrastructure, including hosted virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, and serverless environments.

Building and shipping systems to Google cloud has its challenges. Different teams have different processes and thereโ€™s a raft of application and infrastructure artifacts to manage.

Google Cloud Platform accounts in Octopus

Octopus makes it easier to ship to Google cloud by helping you to:

  • Connect and authenticate with GCP via a dedicated account type. This allows you to centralize and secure your GCP authentication and use it in your deployments and runbooks.
  • Use gcloud, the GCP command-line tool, in custom scripts out-of-the-box with the Run gcloud in a Script step. This step can be used to execute scripts on targets within Google Cloud Platform.
  • Create and tear down GCP infrastructure with Terraform.
  • Access Docker images hosted with Google Container Registry (GCR).
  • Deploy, scale and manage containerized applications on GCP with Octopus and Kubernetes.

Where do Google cloud Steps execute? All Google cloud steps execute on a worker. By default, that will be the built-in worker in the Octopus Server. Learn about workers and the different configuration options.

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023