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Introducing Google Cloud Platform integration for Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy now includes integration for Google Cloud Platform including built-in accounts, gcloud scripts, Terraform and Kubernetes.

Deploying to Google Cloud Functions

Learn how to deploy functions to the Google Cloud Platform.

Using Google Cloud Secret Manager with Octopus

Introducing a new step template that allows secrets stored in Google Cloud Secret Manager to be used in deployments or runbooks.

Request for feedback - Deploying to Google Cloud Platform with Octopus

Learn how Octopus supports your deployments to Google Cloud Platform and provide feedback on our GCP features.

Octopus 2021 Q3: Google Cloud support with centralized Kubernetes deployments and runbooks

Octopus 2021 Q3: Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, Workato, LDAP, and new Octostache filters.

Building and deploying a Java app with Docker, Google, Azure, and Octopus

As part of our series about Continuous Integration and build servers, learn how to build a Java app, push it to a Docker registry, and deploy to Azure with Octopus Deploy.

Deploying to Google Cloud Run

Learn how to deploy a container to the Google Cloud Run service.

Deploy Google's Online Boutique microservice stack in Octopus

Learn how to import an existing microservice application stack into Octopus, as part of our Kubernetes training series.

Deploying to Google App Engine

Learn how to deploy a compiled application to Google App Engine.

Integrating OAuth with Kubernetes

Integrating Google OAuth into a Kubernetes cluster.

How DevOps principles power Octopus documentation

How DevOps principles power Octopus documentation producing 60 guides with 300,000 words, 6,000 images and 25 hours of video maintained by a team of two.

Lessons learned with home automation

Lessons learned implementing home automation.

Multi-cloud Kubernetes with Octopus Deploy

Learn how Octopus Deploy works with Kubernetes on cloud platforms.

Top 8 container registries

There are many container registry services, suitable for all different kinds of teams. We look at the top 8 and why you might consider them.

Change a runbook process to use execution containers

Learn how to change a runbook from running on a worker machine directly to using execution containers.

Convert an existing application to use rolling deployments

Learn how to convert an existing application to use the rolling deployments deployment pattern in Octopus with child steps.


Google cloud account variables

Create a Google cloud account variable to use it in Google Cloud deployment steps

Google cloud accounts

Configure your infrastructure so Octopus can deploy infrastructure to GCP and run scripts against the gcloud CLI.

Google Cloud

Octopus Deploy can help you perform repeatable and controlled deployments of your applications into Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Google Cloud Container Registry (GCR)

How to add a Google Cloud Container Registry (GCR) as an Octopus feed

Create a Google Cloud account

An example script to create a Google Cloud (GCP) account in Octopus.

Google cloud CLI scripts

Google cloud CLI Scripts allow you to manage your Google cloud resources as part of your deployment process.

Create PaaS MySQL database server

With Octopus Deploy you can create a MySQL PaaS database server with a runbook.

Create Network Load Balancer

With runbooks, you can automate the creation of a Network Load Balancer to distribute traffic among virtual machine instances in GCP.

octopus account gcp

Manage Google Cloud accounts

Designing Octopus HA in GCP

Information on configuring Octopus High Availability hosted in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

GoogleApps authentication

Octopus Deploy can use GoogleApps authentication to identify users.


This section includes examples of how to use the REST API to create and manage accounts in Octopus.

octopus account gcp create

Create a Google Cloud account

Maven feeds

Configuring Maven repositories as Octopus Feeds

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