One product, two ways to host it

Free for 10 deployment targets. No credit card required.


Deployments as-a-service.


How many deployment targets?

Free for 10 targets or less

Storage limits apply


Octopus on your infrastructure.


All Octopus Deploy plans have everything needed for your team to create projects, deploy and promote releases, and achieve continuous delivery for any type of application. Find the right plan for your team below.

Cloud Server
Free Paid
World-class support team
Email-based support from our team in multiple timezones, staffed by engineers who work on the product.
High availability
Multiple Octopus Server nodes in an active/active, highly available configuration with a load balancer in the front, ensuring you can deploy (or rollback!) 24/7.
Give each team their own space, with their own projects, environments, tenants, step templates and more. Learn more.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Concurrent Octopus Server instances
Run one Octopus Deploy service for production usage by your team, and set up extras for dev/test. Or use two separate Octopus Deploy instances to keep production and pre-production deployments isolated.
(per subscription)
(per subscription)
Concurrent deployment tasks
Maximum number of deployments that can be running at the same time (limited by hardware, of course!)
5 Scalable* Unlimited
File storage
Maximum amount of packages, artifacts and task logs that can be stored for your deployments.
20 GB 1 TB Unlimited
Database storage
Maximum amount of configuration data that can be stored for your deployments.
5 GB 1 TB Unlimited
Package size
Maximum size of any single package stored for your deployments.
5 GB 5 GB Unlimited

* - Contact us to increase your concurrent deployment limit.

- The Free edition of Octopus Server is limited to five concurrent deployment tasks. Learn more.

- Storage for on-premise Servers is only limited by your hardware capacity.

Ready to get started?

Download Octopus Deploy Server, or create a free instance of Octopus Cloud. Our getting started guides will walk you through everything required to deploy your first application. Or contact us to discuss your goals and how Octopus Deploy might help.

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