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Deploy with Octopus.

Octopus integrates with GitHub and adds powerful deployment & ops automation capabilities

GitHub Actions is a great solution for automating software workflows for your repositories. It runs tasks and calls out to specific tools to complete them, such as npm for package management, JUnit for testing, and Docker for building containers.

When it comes to deployments, Octopus is the tool to supercharge your GitHub Actions workflows.

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Octopus Deploy is the #1 deployment solution for GitHub Actions.

Automate complex deployments
Access over 500 integrations
Support for legacy and modern apps
Multi-tenancy capabilities

Scale, secure, coordinate, and visualize GitHub deployments with Octopus

Octopus sets the standard for deployment automation. We help software teams deploy freely – when and where they need, in a routine way.

Deployment is not the last step of your CI process; it's the first step of your application's lifecycle in production. GitHub Actions supports world-class CI processes, and Octopus Deploy provides powerful CD capabilities.

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Why use Octopus for GitHub deployments?

Automate even the most complex deployments

Tenants in Octopus let you easily create customer specific pipelines without duplicating project configuration. Manage separate instances of your application in multiple environments in a single Octopus project.

Complex deployments

Access over 500 integrations

Deploy just about anything using our extensive library of configurable steps. Integrate with the tools your team uses to reduce custom scripting and work where you’re most productive.


Support for modern containers to trusted legacy applications

Consistently deploy your application code and infrastructure to any cloud, service, or VM. Octopus ensures your developers and operations teams can focus on building and delivering better software, rather than debugging environmental differences.


Powerful multi-tenancy capabilities

Octopus is the only release management, deployment, and runbook automation solution with built-in multi-tenancy support, letting you manage deployments to a single customer or a group without duplication.

Octopus tenants

Customer story - Recruit Wizard

Recruit Wizard's setup includes GitHub for source control, GitHub Actions as their build server, and Octopus for deployments.

Recruit Wizard's pipeline

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Getting started guides

We created resources to help you on your deployment journey, including comprehensive documentation, blog posts, and webinars.

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